Direct-Seal ZXL with M-Bit has a long-life zinc alloy cap head and carries a lifetime warranty against red rust corrosion on head and washer. The M-Bit mini drill point excels in penetrating multi-thickness materials and is ideal for installations into dimensional lumber, such as metal panel attachment in post-frame construction. The micro-bit engineering helps eliminate slow or no drill and minimizes pigtails providing a cleaner more consistent result. Available in 20+ powder coated colors.

    #10-16/8 ZXL Woodbinder

  • Head Style/Size: 1/4” Cupped HWH
  • Point:M-Bit Mini Drill Point
  • Washer: EPDM Seal Washer
  • Sizes:1”, 1-1/2", 2”, 2-1/2", 3”

    #12-14 Woodbinder Stitch

  • Head Style/Size:1/4” Cupped HWH
  • Point:M-Bit Mini Drill Point
  • Washer:EPDM Seal Washer
  • Sizes:3/4"

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