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J and J Welding and Fabrication's was founded in 2005 to meet a growing demand in U.S.A for high quality economical steel fabrication. T
The vision is to help American builders source high quaility and reliable structural steel for American projects.
The combination of Americans know how and internaional cost savings provides our customers with the”best of both worlds”..

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Over the years, J&J Steel’s collaborative efforts with fabricators and general contractors have provided substantial value engineering ideas benefiting owners throughout the country. We surpass rugged industry standards for quality, safety and productivity. We look forward to opportunities to work with you! Our goal is to add value to your projects and making a substantial contribution toward the success of the entire construction process.

We invite you to browse our site for numerous examples of our work. Please contact us today so we may assist you with current projects or provide more information on the benefits of working with our team.Read More

One of the fundamental principles in precision engineering is that of determinism. To do the job efficiently and correctly to fit your need via modern machinery. The basic idea is that machine tools obey cause and effect relationships that are within our ability to understand and control and that there is nothing random or probabilistic about their behavior. Everything happens for a reason and the list of reasons is small enough to manage.

By this we mean that machine tool errors obey cause-and-effect relationships, and do not vary randomly for no reason. Further, the causes are not esoteric and uncontrollable, but can be explained in terms of familiar engineering principles.Read More

Aluminium roof sheets are incredibly popular amongst roofers and contractors, and there are several good reasons why you should choose aluminium for your next project. Not only is it a versatile material that will be well-suited and structurally sound on a range of agricultural and outbuildings, it’s easy to work with too so it can be used for DIY roofing projects. Garden studios, workshops and even home offices can benefit from being topped with metal roof sheets instead of other traditional roofing materials as they can be less expensive overall and easier to install for a beginner.Read More

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