Metal roofing fasteners (screws) are a critical component in how well a metal roofing system performs. Constructing a solid, durable metal roof that won’t leak requires fasteners that won't rust, discolor or fail. J and J offer a wide selection of high-quality, corrosion-resistant metal roofing fasteners for any environmental condition or application your project calls for.

Most of our fasteners can also be painted to match your metal panel color. For our concealed fastener (standing seam) metal panel systems, we carry a full line of premium metal roofing clips.

Designed to join metal panels together without penetrating the metal, the proper clips create a more weathertight structure and a clean, modern look. Pop rivets, also known as blind rivets, are used when access to one side of a metal panel is limited or unavailable. We offer rivets in stainless steel, aluminum, and copper, as well as painted colors to match your metal panels.

Fastners & Rivets


Metal trim plays an essential role in the long-term performance of both your metal roofing system and your home’s construction. Metal roofing trim seals and protects a roof's joints and edges from the damaging effects of water, wind and pests.

Some trim pieces are designed to guide water away from not just your roof, but also protect the home’s doors, windows and foundation. Other trims work to release damp warm air from the attic to improve energy efficiency. Metal roofing trim also completes the look of your roof, giving it an attractive, clean and finished appearance.

From headwall flashing to eave drips, and ridge caps to valleys, the craftsmen at J and J Welding and Fabricators have decades of experience creating trim to meet our clients’ unique specifications, including specialty fabrication of curved, arched and radial elements. Trims are available in 10-foot lengths, in a variety of metal types and finishes to match your metal roofing panels.



Proper installation of your metal roof doesn’t stop with the selection of metal panels and trim. To further complement and customize the installation of all our metal roofing panels, we offer a large selection of premium metal roofing accessories.

Designed to add value by ensuring the performance and longevity of your metal panel roofing system, your choice of critical components like sealants, flashings, purlins, venting solutions and other metal roofing accessories can make a big difference in how your installation will look, and whether it stands the test of time.

Other accessories like skylight panels help to make your project even more distinctive. Installing a metal roof also requires the right tools to get the job done. We carry a full line of premium-quality metal roofing tools, including hemming tools, seaming tools, snips and more. Don’t jeopardize your next metal panel roofing project–count on J and J Welding and Fabricators to provide everything you need.


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