• Steel Fabrication

    Steel Fabrication

    The success of Our major building modification is highly dependent on Our successful welding techniques. In fact, J and J Welding is largely being with welding because of the additional strength and durability it provides. Refinements in welding techniques have allowed architectural designs to be more complex and stylized than ever before.

  • Structural Steel Processing

    Structural Steel Processing

    As part of our metal fabrication services, J and J Welding performs a variety of cutting processes on a broad selection of materials.Mild steel can be cut up to 3/4″.We also have a 40′ Ficep beam line. Our Ficep beam line is fully automated and has CNC control for accurate sawing to length and hole drilling in beams, channels, angles and flat bar.

  • Plasma Cutting

    Plasma Cutting

    We offer CNC plasma cutting services for sheet metal. We use two types of plasma cutters 2- and 3-axis, which makes it possible to produce parts of any complexity applicable for this fabrication method. The cut parts can be post-processed upon request with coating, heat-treatment and others.

  • Plasma Beveling

    Plasma Beveling

    J and J Welding offers in-house 360 degrees CNC Plasma Beveling. The same attention to detail and effort that our Business Partners have come to expect in straight cuts can be expected in our High Definition Plasma Beveling capabilities. Plasma Beveling is extremely complicated unless you trust J and J Welding to do the beveling for you.

  • CNC Machining


    J and J Welding and Fabrication’ well-equipped job shop consists of a MAZAK 6-pallet center and OKK vertical mills, which can handle a wide variety of machining processes, boring, and drilling. We can even perform CNC hole punching.With our CNC machining operations, we specialize in supplying precision machined partsand weldments.

  • Shearing

    Metal Shearing

    In addition to feeding our own production, we offer shearing services to our customers too.Able to quickly and reliably cut sheet materials up to 2500mm wide, we can provide both the material from our extensive stock, if required, and a fast cutting service.Talk to us and perhaps our Laser Cutting Service can help.

  • Metal Punching


    Our highly skilled operators use a CNC punch to produce consistently accurate components for the amusement industry as well as many other industries. CNC punching is the process used to cut metals to an exact shape and size - a process which is necessary for many aspects of precision engineering.

  • CNC Machining

    Pre Fab

    Modular installations are not modern technology, it is an innovative way of assembling installations in a building.Today, with the advancement of computer technology there’s a tremendous opportunity to change the commercial construction industry through prefabricating MEP components off-site and assemble ready-made sections on site.

  • Structural Steel Erection

    Structural Steel Erection

    Our steel erection services are available independently or as a package on bridge projects that High Steel fabricates. The Field Operations group also independently bids on work for bridge steel rehabilitation, heat straightening of damaged girders, and other emergency repairs. Contact our sales department for a quote on your project.

  • Metal Building erectors

    Metal Building Erection

    Secure your peace of mind with metal buildings erection from J and J Welding and Fabrication. Our design staff can take the sketches from your note pad into a blueprint of the self storage facility you envision. Then we build it, cost effectively, with quality materials, in a timely manner. If you don’t have a notepad we also offer a selection of pre-designed building packages.

  • Structural Fabrication

    Structural Fabrication

    Structural steel has a long list of benefits associated with it as a sustainable and highly reliable material for construction. However, the fabrication and welding processes necessary to transform structural steel into products used for construction and other industrial applications are complex and demanding.

  • Plasma Cutting

    Structural Steel Design

    We have delivered the best structural design services because we value the strength of the safe and efficient structural steel design and analysis projects. J and J Welding and Fabrication has contented innumerable clients because our major concern is not to deliver structural designs but to offer cost effective structural designs.

  • Stainless Steel Fabrication

    Stainless Steel Fabrication

    We have got specialization in fabricating stainless steel, aluminum, mild steel and other metal enclosures. Companies hailing from automobile, electrical, engineering, marine and other industrial sectors get benefited by collaborating with us.We have in-house CNC machines, for rendering bending, plate cutting, profile cutting and machining services.

  • Steel From Folling

    Steel Form Rolling

    J and J Welding and Fabrication’s rolling and forming equipment performs precision rolling and forming operations that can generate multiple bends in sheet metal. We work with mild steel, stainless steel, and aluminum materials, creating such products as guards, and many other items involving rolling and multiple bends.