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J and J's majority production is fabricated structural and miscellaneous steel. We specialize in projects of complex design and those having architecturally exposed shapes.

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OIn order to specialize in these complex designs, we utilize in-house detailers that are trained in the latest technologies, software, and codes. Our detailers utilize SDS/2 and AutoCAD to achieve the most accurate, and up to date drawings.

We have a highly-trained workforce to fabricate structural steel in our facilities complying with AISC, local, State and federal agencies prior to delivery to the project site. Our fabrication abilities are serviced by the following services:

Structural Steel Fabrication
Utilizes a Controlled Automation Beam Line to assist in fabrication of beams and columns.Utilizes various fabrication machines to support the need for plates, angles, clips, etc. Manufactures miscellaneous steel such as stairs, ladders, handrails and guardrails, and grating products.Furnishes steel joists, bridging and metal decking as required by contract documents. Our highly skilled in-house team of designers offer Form A, Form B, structural calculations and Cat 2 checks.

Structural Steel Detailing
Before a building is fabricated, welded, bolted and decked, the steel structure is built on a computer using a three dimensional structural steel modeling/detailing system. This system shows detailers exactly where bolt connections need to be made on steel beams to ensure structural integrity. What used to be a manual tedious process, has become as easy as a click of the mouse button. The detailing systems generate CNC data to run equipment in the fab shop.

The program creates information for each piece of steel then electronically transmits the code to the fabrication equipment.The code tells the machinery when to make X and Y and Z moves, where and when to punch holes, and other pertinent details. All this translates into fewer human errors, saved time and cost savings for the customer. What does all this mean to you, the customer? Quality. On time delivery. Fewer costly mistakes. Cost savings. An outcome that meets or exceeds your expectations.

Structural Steel Erection
Furnishes steel erection through reliable subcontractors who are capable of meeting all installation needs and requirements. Our erectors have many years experience and work hand in hand with our fabrication department to provide a quality finished product on time.

Structural Steel Rolling
We provide structural steel rolling and for use in the aerospace, architectural, industrial, transportation and commercial industries. We provide rolling for angles, square and rectangle tube, channel, t-beams, I-beams, wide flange beams, flat bars, pipe, rails, tracks and any other metal. If it's steel or any other metal we can roll the items you need.

J and J's Structural Steel Rolling Services offers a unique blend of experience and rolling equipment to make sure your job is done preciously to the measurements required. We offer a mandrel system for square and rectangular tubing that limits any distortion when rolling. We have the know how to roll your material correctly and on time. If you need an expedited job we offer break in services that can get your material rolled and you out of a bind.

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